Top Football Fundraisers - The Gridiron of Football Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising is a critical element for football teams all across the U.S.. Whether it's pop-warner, high school or college, football fundraisers are a must to keep the teams up to speed with all that is needed to get the most out of their season. Below you will find the top football fundraising ideas that were arranged from years of experience and the great feedback we have received from football teams all over.

Fundraising cards seemed to be the overwhelming winner here. Very easy to sell and supporters loved them. Looks like most teams that are using a discount card fundraiser have been doing so for a long time. Needs to be a good, quality card though. There are some junky cards out there so be aware.

Look for fundraising cards that have a lot of discounts and good discounts. These cards will be a lot easier to sell to your supporters. Also, you want zero upfront costs and you definitely don't want to HAVE to order a certain amount. Be cautious if a company makes you pay upfront or demands that you order 300 to start. They most likely do not have a great product. Only bad reports of football teams using a card with few discounts or bad discounts.

Our experience and the feedback we have received, here is a good place to start when looking into fundraising cards:

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